Loan Comparison

Logo Design - Capital L positioned over a Capital C to create an image of a hand pinching thumb and forefinger together
Logo Design – Loan Comparison


Same logo but with a stylised version of a coin held between thumb and finger.
Added a $ to make the coin look a little more like a coin


This logo design was a bit of a challenge but I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

When I first started work on this logo the obvious solution that struck me was to play on the old saying ‘comparing apples with oranges’ so I was quite set on using an orange in the design.

However after a few attempts at creating a corporate style logo using oranges that would suit the style of the Loan Comparison website I decided the tricky part would actually be trying to use a less obvious solution that still conveyed the notion of comparison. I racked my brains and came up with the following:

  • Apples and oranges. Nope.
  • Justice scales. Nope.
  • Magnifying glass. Nope.
  • Black and white. Nope.

All of these seemed too cliché.

And then just as I was heading to bed late one night it occurred to me to try and tap into the decision making process one would use when comparing loans – weighing up the pros and cons of each loan, the phrase ‘on the one hand’ popped in to my head.

That train of thought lead me down the garden path of trying to come up with a symbolic hand design to convey giving (the ‘loan’ part of the logo) and careful thought or inspection (the ‘comparison’ part of the logo).

It took a few attempts but I eventually churned out the logo featured at the top of this post, which you will also notice neatly ties in the initials ‘L’ and ‘C’ for Loan Comparison. Hopefully the logo is quite self explanatory but it is basically a picture of someone holding up a gold coin and inspecting it. I hope you like it!

Oh and for interests sake I’ll also post some of my initial sketches so you can see the process.

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One response to “Loan Comparison”

  1. David Avatar

    I think it’s quite brilliant!

    The only thing missing for mine is putting a $ symbol on that orange circle between the thumb and forefinger or possibly a coin?

    Great job!

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