A hand trowel and garden fork as an alternative to a knife and fork... kind of shaped like carrots.

Logo for Vegging Out DC

A hand trowel and garden fork as an alternative to a knife and fork... kind of shaped like carrots.
Garden tools make the best cutlery!

WHAT THEY ASKED FOR: I saw your post on Reddit and wanted to reach out because your designs are awesome. My wife and I have started a new project-it is a total hobby with little hope of making back what we are spending on it. However, we are having a lot of fun.

The project is a blog that reviews restaurants from a vegetarian perspective. It has a quirky name, veggingoutdc.com but we need a cool logo. Can you help?

WHAT THEY GOT: OK, before I start – I know what you’re thinking… ‘flattery will get you everywhere’. And you’d be half right – it does feel pretty good to hear someone say my ‘designs are awesome’ but let’s wait to see if Jonathan still sends me the ‘one million dollars‘ he also promised (after seeing his new logo).

Annnd that’s my best attempt at humour for now (I was going to say last, but it’s still early on)…

So where do I start with a logo for ‘Vegging Out DC’?

My first train of thought went something like this (these are actual notes that I wrote down):

  • A couch potato sitting at a restaurant
  • Vegetables peeled (or jumping out of their skins)
  • Vegetables wearing their good clothes out to dinner

And then the ‘Ah-ha!’ moment…

  • A jacket potato!

(Quickly followed by a bit of self-doubt and rationalisation)

  • Uh-oh – is ‘jacket potato’ American?
  • Either way… a potato wearing a dinner jacket might still make sense

I spent a bit of time stuck on this idea until I realised it’s difficult to draw a potato wearing a jacket without it looking like Mr Potato Head.

So then I tried to force a couple of other ideas…

  • Garden trowel – shape of a ‘V’?
  • Garden trowel and pitch fork on a dinner plate? Maybe just the trowel (because a pitch fork is just too big in comparison to the hand trowel… what else goes with hand trowel?)
  • A hand trowel is used for digging vegetables out (literally vegging out?) and it is relaxing (figuratively vegging out?)
  • A trowel with a carrot handle!
  • A carrot knife (you should see the pictures)

After a bunch of sketches and a chat with my wife I realised that garden forks also exist. And that was pretty much the last piece of the puzzle.

All that was left to do was to draw the hand trowel and garden fork to look like some cutlery… and tweak the idea for an hour or two. Long story short, I hope you like your new logo Jonathan 🙂

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