Candle flame merged with the silhouette of a lady's face

Logo for Candles and Crafts

Candle flame merged with the silhouette of a lady's face

WHAT THEY ASKED FOR: Hi Ashley, The shop is supposed to be called “le Boudoir” , I had an idea for the logo , a human body such as on the photo 2 , cropping the photo keeping only the shape then adding the items in the bottom , such as the photo inspiration.

Amira's inspiration for the logo concept
Amira’s Photo 2 (L) and Photo inspiration (R)

Knowing that only shapes must be in them, Le Boudoir is going to sell candles and crafts as well as recycled stuff, pop art and Tunisian design crafts

Hope that is clear

Thank you

Kindly yours


WHAT THEY GOT: As luck would have it the logo turned out quite different from the brief.

Well, maybe it was more because I didn’t think the idea would work.

I wanted to come up with something distinct for Amira’s logo and I didn’t feel like a silhouette filled with shapes was going to cut it, or even be recognisable at such a small size… But I did like the colours from the ‘photo 2’.

After a bit of sketching my mind started to wander off to drawing the candle flames, until one of them caught my attention… it kind of looked like hair. So I added a very basic silhouette of a woman’s face and all of a sudden I had an idea I could work with… and that’s where it ended up!

I hope you like it Amira!

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