Logo for Fancy Pants Party Bags

Logo for Fancy Pants Party Bags

Added some shoes to the bottom of the ribbon to make them look like fancy pants!
Added some shoes to the bottom of the ribbon to make them look like fancy pants!

I had quite a bit of fun with this logo for ‘Fancy Pants Party Bags‘… I might even order some for my children’s upcoming birthdays :)… and yes, it was another free logo design!

So, how did I come up with this design? Well, this week’s ‘Lucky Dipper’ asked for their logo to tick the following boxes:

  • Contains an image of a party bag – see website for examples of my products.
  • Needs to work with the colour and style of my banner and website. It would replace the oval shaped logo on the left hand side.
  • Include text “Fancy Pants Party Bags”.
  • Style should be modern, cute, boutique (my target market time-poor parents that want something extra special for their children).

The first requirement was way too hard – have you tried drawing a semi-transparent organza bag filled with goodies into a logo recently? Waaaaayyyyy too busy.

The rest of the requirements I kind of just glossed over (and that’s part of the Lucky Dip fun, you never know what you’ll get!)

Pretty much straight away I knew I wanted to achieve two things with this logo:

  1. Make the connection to the product by using their trademark little bows as an icon in the logo
  2. Include a literal depiction of the words ‘fancy pants’

Lucky for me the bows with the stitching almost immediately made me think of a pair of pants and it didn’t take too long to come up with the idea to add some cute little shoes to help make the connection.

I think it works – how about you?

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Eventually I’ll add a form for people to enter the lucky dip, but for now you can leave a comment on the facebook page, send a message on twitter or post a comment here.

    Regards, Ashley.

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