Logo for Geo Sites

Logo for Geo Sites

Tri-folded map styled to look like a map of Australia.
Tri-folded map styled to look like a map of Australia.


Like it or not, I don’t always follow instructions and on this occasion I took carte blanche and basically ignored the brief… well, it is a lucky dip after all!

Here’s what the ‘Lucky Dipper’ requested (they wanted something simple that their designer would be able to update):

 I need a logo template for my geo sites; a road sign or similar feel / appearance; eg.

NSW, Australia

My concept is that my PA (who can use PhotoShop) would simply change the text

Now, as you can see, my logo design is not exactly a road sign… although I will admit I did draw a few concept sketches based on their brief but quickly found them boring and started to explore a few different options (such as post cards, license plates etc…).

In the end I chose a map of Australia because to me that seemed the most logical and easy way to represent different areas of Australia – and hopefully you can see the added bonus where I attempted to make the tourist map look like an abstract version of Australia as well!

Hope you like it Greg – let me know in the comments!

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