Marshmallow, balloon whisk and spatula laid out to look like a skull and crossbones

Logo for Sugar & Fluff Confectionery

Marshmallow, balloon whisk and spatula laid out to look like a skull and crossbones
Sugar and Fluff Confectionery – Logo Design

Suzie is setting up a new business and was stumped for logo ideas… here’s the brief I received:

I’m in the process of setting up my new business “Sugar and Fluff Confectionery” and I am absolutely stumped for a logo. I have no brief really, just that I’ll be selling handmade marshmallows. Potentially more things in future. Putting my hat in the ring for a lucky dip!

The words ‘sugar’ and ‘fluff’ were pretty hard to visualise at first so for inspiration, I began reading a few marshmallow recipes which all mentioned whipping (or whisking) the marshmallow mixture in to a fluff, so as I started to sketch my thoughts I developed the idea of creating a whisk out of the ampersand (&) symbol. I ‘fluffed’ about with this idea for a while but then decided it didn’t really make a great logo.

Lacking inspiration I started to doodle a few spatulas and marshmallow faces on the page when I suddenly had an  ‘A-ha!’ moment – I was going to create the ‘jolly roger’ of confectionery logos but instead of a skull and cross bones, I used a smiley marshmallow face with some marshmallow whip for hair (an attempt to represent the home made marshmallow mix) with a spatula and whisk as ‘cross bones’.

Hope you like it Suzie!

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3 responses to “Logo for Sugar & Fluff Confectionery”

  1. I don’t see the website for her company…do you have any info on the business? Thank you!

  2. Hey, the website isn’t live… yet! Feel free to contact me in the mean time. It will all be revealed soon. Massive thanks to the fantastically awesome logo by Ashley!

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