Author: Ashley

  • Tommy Tortoise

    Tommy Tortoise

    Crookrecords asked if anyone could draw a bad-ass turtle or tortoise that doesn’t look like TMNT. Tools: Just a quick sketch using a mechanical pencil.

  • On a swing

    On a swing

    Why_tho asked if someone could draw a picture of her. Tools Used: Mechanical pencil, the back of a shopping list.

  • Black and White Pup

    Black and White Pup

    9yearplan asked for a drawing of his black and white pup called ‘Charles’. Help me out! I’m looking for an awesome, simple, even a little cartoony rendition of my border collie Charles. Don’t worry about any sort of background 🙂 I feel like he has gorgeous lines and I just can’t seem to get proportions(or…

  • Mermaid Unicorn

    Mermaid Unicorn

    CatsWithDowns asked for a picture of a ‘Mermicorn’ (mermaid unicorn) as a Valentine’s Day present for his girlfriend. Tools used: Adobe Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5 & Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet.

  • Owl with swords

    Owl with swords

    xSentaru asked for a badass owl with swords on its back.

  • Shirley the Cat
  • Caricature for Jess

    Caricature for Jess

    WHAT THEY ASKED FOR: Jess wanted something special for her boyfriend’s birthday and thought a caricature of him would make a great addition to his new trophy room. Jess may or may not have asked me to give James big muscles and a six pack. WHAT THEY GOT: James almost got a mermaid’s tail –…