Caricature of Noah Kagan from AppSumo

Noah Kagan from AppSumo – Caricature

Noah Kagan Caricature
How to make your first taco – with Noah Kagan from AppSumo

WHAT THEY ASKED FOR: Nobody asked for this one – I just felt like drawing a caricature of Noah after joining the How To Make Your First Dollar course from AppSumo.

WHAT THEY GOT: Well, seeing as no-one asked for it there’s not much to say here so how about I share a bunch of work in progress screenshots instead…

Noah Kagan Caricature - Step by Step
Spot the difference!

LIKE IT OR NOT? Let me know what you think!

GET YOUR OWN: Like what you see? With a bit of luck you can have one too.


2 responses to “Noah Kagan from AppSumo – Caricature”

  1. Debra Burke Avatar
    Debra Burke

    I think you have found the essence of Noah Kagan. It is a very close likeness but forehead too large and eyes set too close together. Otherwise, you are a good artist; and he does LOVE his tacos.

    1. Thanks Debra 🙂

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