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Caricature for Jess

WHAT THEY ASKED FOR: Jess wanted something special for her boyfriend’s birthday and thought a caricature of him would make a great addition to his new trophy room. Jess may or may not have asked me to give James big…

Super Dad Caricature

Close-up caricature

WHAT THEY ASKED FOR: Carly asked if it was possible to have a picture of her husband drawn as a super hero as a Christmas present from her children. WHAT THEY GOT: This was a fun picture to draw. I…

Caricature – Sanchokeep33

  Here’s a quick caricature done for sanchokeep33 from reddit. I deliberately kept it a bit rough but hopefully the likeness is still there! Caricature from a photo of sanchokeep33: Photo of Sanchokeep33 used for the caricature: