Logo for Gerrard Finance

Logo for Gerrard Finance

Logo design - picture of a stylised 'G' with tilted axis and inward pointing compass needle.
Logo design – picture of A stylised ‘G’ with tilted axis and inward pointing compass needle.


Here’s the latest Lucky Dip logo design. There were a couple of challenges with this logo, one being the long name and the other being the client’s desire for the letter G to be a picture .

Actually there were three challenges, and the third was probably the most difficult… avoiding the cliché ideas that are so readily associated with the word finance (you know the ones… currency symbols, bar charts, arrows, money trees and so on…)!

Funnily enough, the logo I came to choose still draws on some of the old cliché ‘s but combines them to create the unique logo you see above.

In the end, inspiration came from the tagline ‘Help you plan for tomorrow‘.

After a bit of brainstorming and a few sketches, I came up with the idea of the Earth’s axis to represent the passing of time, and ultimately tomorrow. If you stretch your imagination it can also be a compass (albeit only showing north and south), meanwhile the letter ‘G’ is created by your internal compass, which upon introspection will help you define your financial goals and motivations.

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