Letter 'G' logo created from two hands

Logo for Giving Feels Awesome

Capital 'G' formed with two hands - one hand gesturing with a thumbs up and the other hand reaching out to give

The Request:

Francisco got in touch with me via Facebook looking for a logo for his brother’s random acts of kindness… here’s the request I received.

My brother has been doing random acts of kindness for some time now, from getting Christmas presents for over sixty underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic this past Christmas, helping out people in his local community and is currently working with the Vera’s Little League gathering used baseball equipment and talking them all to needy, baseball-loving kids in the Dominican Republic. In less than a month he has shipped over 600 items (Used bats, gloves, uniforms, cleats, etc.)

We have been talking and reconglizing the need for a name for this movement. He calls it “Giving Feels Awesome” and we sometime refer to it as “GFA”. If you could come up with something that represents giving and happy feelings it would make his day!

Please help.

Thank you, thatnk you thank you.

I was really humbled by their efforts and decided to see if I could help.

The Idea:

The idea for this logo really just popped in to my head as I was thinking about something else. I thought the letter ‘G’ was perfect for showing the gesture of two hands giving and receiving.

I started to scribble down some pictures of hands but had some difficulty representing the gesture of giving. By using an open hand it kind of looked more like the other hand was taking instead of giving, but after a bit of tweaking I eventually settled on a picture of an open hand at the top of the ‘G’ with a thumbs up at the bottom to represent an ‘awesome’ feeling.

Several pictures of the letter G depicting the gesture of giving
A few ideas for the letter ‘G’ depicting the gesture of giving

I hope you enjoy the logo Francisco. All the best!

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2 responses to “Logo for Giving Feels Awesome”

  1. Gemma Stanners Avatar
    Gemma Stanners

    Fantastic work Ashley! Love your thinking behind the design and I’m certain Francisco will too 🙂

    1. Ashley Slater Avatar
      Ashley Slater

      Thanks Gemma 🙂

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