Two triangles intersecting to creating a smaller one in the middle
Free Logo Design for SIFE ANU’s Food Co-op Project


Here’s the latest Lucky Dip free logo design, created for SIFE ANU’s Food Coop Project.

The idea came from a mix of the description of the project and the request on Lucky Dip’s Facebook page. Some of the key words that stood out included ‘from the ground up’, ‘Business & Commerce and Marketing’, ‘positive power’, ‘partnership’ and ‘Food Co-op’.

It’s quite a conceptual logo (not the kind you can instantly look at and understand) so allow me to run you through my logic based on the aforementioned keywords, each conveniently represented by triangles.

  • ‘From the ground up’ instantly made me think of triangles
  • ‘Business & Commerce and Marketing’ brought to mind a hierarchical business structure (to represent ‘Business & Commerce’) and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (representing the ‘Marketing’ component)
  • ‘Positive Power’ is represented by the upward motion of triangles, or arrowheads
  • ‘Partnership’ is represented by the two larger triangles partnering together to create the smaller inner triangle
  • ‘Food Co-op’ made me think of the food pyramid, which is created by the intersecting triangles that represent hierarchical business structure and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Each of the triangles are conceptual representations, so you’ll have to draw the extra lines in yourself mentally to see the complete picture. As an added bonus, the intersecting triangles could also represent a venn diagram.

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One response to “SIFE ANU”

  1. Amazing! We are truly delighted with the logo you’ve provided and are now displaying it proudly on all our material and on our website.

    Many thanks for your efforts! We’ll be sure to keep in touch!


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