Logo for Cover Artists

Logo for Cover Artists

Overlapping album covers used to represent Cover Artists logo
Overlapping album covers used to represent Cover Artists logo

Here’s the latest Lucky Dip logo for CoverArtists.net.

When given the brief for this one, the first idea that popped into my head was to somehow cover the word ‘Artists’ as a literal interpretation of the brand…


The logo you see on the right is my first interpretation but I feel it may be too subtle owing to the fact that the word ‘Artists’ was becoming a little difficult to read when obscured too much with the word ‘cover’.

The logo in the middle is based on the idea that multiple artists can cover the one song so each letter/colour is a visual representation of each artists interpretation. This logo also shows a stack of CD covers layered on top of each other and is reminiscent of the ‘cover flow’ that you used to see in iTunes.

The logo on the left is a bonus idea that my wife suggested (it’s a quick throw together so I probably haven’t nailed her idea properly!) 🙂

So there you go Sparky13, I hope you like one of the logo ideas!

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