Symbolic image of a red rose made up of 8 red hearts

Logo for Red Roses

Symbolic image of a red rose made up of 8 red hearts
Symbolic image of a red rose made up of 8 red hearts

What can I say about this latest logo design? Well, first of all I can say it has been one of the more challenging logos I’ve worked on simply because the name is very generic plus the fact there’s a bucket load of rose logos already floating around which takes up a lot of the design options. In the client’s own words…

the problem with this name is the “obvious” always looks tacky

So with that in mind, I scribbled and scrawled a bunch of options before I started roughing them out and playing with them on the computer… I liked some of them but hated most and at one point I was tempted to say “that’ll do” but stuck it out and eventually came up with what you see above.

So there you go Tim, I hope you like your logo!

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4 responses to “Logo for Red Roses”

  1. LOVE IT, it has the right “message” , its not tacky, i can definately see it on a business card, subtle frosting works.

    its easily adapatable to a website header

    thanks heaps Ash


    1. Ashley Slater Avatar
      Ashley Slater

      Glad you like it Tim!

  2. Hi there

    Love your designs Ashley! Just wondering how I go about submitting an entry in the lucky dip design please?

    Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Ashley Slater Avatar
      Ashley Slater

      Hi Lindy, thanks for the comment! I’ve got a couple of designs queued up already and then I’m going to take a little bit of time to do some work on the site – which will finally involve adding a contact form for entries in the lucky dip! 🙂

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